14 Questions to audit your lockdown life

by Jul 2, 2020

Lockdown continues… how about a quick audit on your lockdown life to redesign how you spend this time going forward? What have you done right? Acknowledge your wins and build on them.

  1. What were the low points so far? Be honest, but also fair to yourself.
  2. Have you tapped into your social support network, and have you given back?
  3. Have you stopped to think how to work smarter, not faster or longer?
  4. Have you given yourself permission to invest in your learning and upskilling?
  5. Have you given yourself time to do the things you enjoy and love?
  6. Have you allowed yourself the space to grow personally in this time?
  7. How can you benefit from your new spending habits?
  8. How can you be 5% healthier and fitter every day?
  9. How can you better support and respect the people you live with?
  10. What are your main fears? Voice them. Then use the power of perspective.
  11. What opportunities lie hidden in this crisis? Chaos always brings rebirth.
  12. How can you think more strategically about your job or business?
  13. How can you adjust and bolster your goals for the new realities?
  14. What drives and inspires you? Reconnect with your unique passions and dreams.

Make the lock down count. It’s a life changer for all of us.


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