9 tips to become a Zoom-master

by Jun 11, 2020

With the new work-from-home normal, everyone and their granny has tried one of the main virtual meeting tools. For those still teetering on the edge of the big deep pool of online get-togethers, jump in with our 9 quick tips to Zoom-zen.

Or, if you’re already splashing around, become a master: What are good Zoom room manners? Why do I need to mute when I’m not speaking? Why is there a shark in the video?

We know virtual meetings can look daunting at first . But it’s also super-easy and will make your remote work life a breeze. Soon you’ll be the one asking everyone to Zoom. And you’ll wonder why we even had in-person meetings in the first place.

#1: Get over the fear. We’ve all been thrown into this together. Tech is working for you, not against you.

#2: Got a computer or mobile phone with a camera and a decent internet connection? Just download the software and you’re all set to go.

#3: Familiarize yourself with Zoom beforehand. Look out for these buttons: mute/unmute microphone, stop/start video, screenshare, and do the test meeting.

#4: Join 5 minutes early. You’re dressed comfortably, yet appropriately, and you’ve removed the dirty laundry in the background.  Your face is well-lit, and your camera is at eye-level. The call starts!

#5: Introduce yourself. Look into your camera when you speak. It’s like making eye-contact… but in Zoom.

#6: Mute your mic when you are not talking. This cuts out noise and distraction for the speaker.

#7: Remember to unmute it when you do. Speak up. Avoid speaking over other people – check out the ‘Raise Hand’ button.

#8: For large groups, disable video and save everyone’s bandwidth.

#9: Hosts, stick around for everyone to leave the Zoom meeting room first.

There you go! You’re a Zoom master!

Here’s a complete guide on how to use Zoom.


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