Why should my SA business be on Facebook again?

by Aug 20, 2020

We will never be less digitally connected than we are right now.

Or, put another way, the way we engage with friends, find amusement, and gather goods for living (better known as “shopping”) will become more and more digitalized. And we all know the covid-19 lockdowns simply strapped a rocket to the process.

Do you want your business to be centre stage in your industry’s online arena?

Here are the top nine reasons your business really needs to claim its Facebook stake. Soon.

Reason #1

You can currently reach 20 million South Africans on Facebook, compared to the 4 million on Instagram and 2.28 million on Twitter. That is 40% of the population. Plus, a third of those people are actively looking for things to buy on Facebook. And at 2 hours 48 minutes per day, we hang out there longer than the average global user.

Reason #2

It is one of the easiest, cost-effective ways to promote your business directly to the people who want what you sell. You can fine-comb the Facebook community, carve out the group with the right needs and interests, and get their attention immediately. Facebook advertising is especially helpful when you want to draw customers from a specific location.  

Reason #3

Your Facebook community basically becomes your lead nurturing funnel. It is the place where people first become aware of you and listen to what others are saying about you. You have time to connect and build a lasting relationship with interesting, thoughtful posts and content. And, when they are ready to buy, you will be the first one they go to.

 This is also why you should never use your Facebook page as a one-way promotional channel. It is like gutting the fluffy gosling that is going to lie your golden eggs over time.

Reason #4

You might have heard of ‘organic reach’, and maybe you thought that meant “nice-to-have marketing”. Let’s help you out. Organic reach equals “free advertising”. It means you can get access to the eyeballs and wallets of your followers’ social circles when they react to and share your content. Thank us for this nugget in a few years when Facebook advertising is only affordable to mega brands and the super-rich.

Reason #5

Trust is important to the South African consumer. When your Facebook page is consistently helpful, fascinating, and engaging, it gives your business real-world credibility.

Reason #6

Old-school, formal customer service is on its way out. The thriving brands of the future are human. People do not buy from brands; they buy from people. Your Facebook business page gives you the real estate to cultivate and showcase your brand personality.

Reason #7 

To stay successful, you need to keep a finger on the pulse of the marketplace, and what your customers say, do, and feel, is its throbbing heart. There is no better feedback system than a well-maintained, responsive Facebook page. Think of it as free market research – an ongoing focus group that tells you exactly how to tweak your prices or reinvent your offering.

Reason #8

Let’s face it, your competitors are already there. In the short term, your absence will cost you sales. However, in the long run you will lose out on brand loyalty, market share, and the resilience to overcome future downturns.

Reason #9

And because you can post regularly with interesting, engaging content, your business stays top-of-mind for your customers. When the time comes for them to buy that bicycle or book that anniversary massage, your business is the first one they think about.

Ready to conquer the Facebook arena?

Mojo and Flint can help you with the right content plan and advertising package to take your business where it needs to be on Facebook:

Get Set Up: Join the Facebook community with a page that impresses and clearly shows your value.

Get a FB Face-lift: Make sure your page looks the part and gets the right interest and engagement.

Run an Epic Ad Campaign: Promote your product or service to the right people with an impactful message, striking design, and well-targeted audience.

Broadcast Your Brand (*best value): Propel your business forward with three ad campaigns, 10 engaging Facebook posts, and permanent access to all your campaign data (we also throw in a free  marketing video).

Invest in Your Facebook Footprint: Prosper with three ads campaigns, 3 months of posts and content, infused with a Facebook ad, content, and brand strategy.

Let’s do something amazing for your brand today.


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