What small businesses can learn from this 2008 recession survivor

by May 4, 2020

There is this story in content marketing folklore of a small pool company that slung a pebble between the eyes of the crippling 2008 recession.

And it didn’t just survive; River Pools became a king in its industry in the aftermath of the war. The pebble?  Owner Marcus Sheridan’s ability to read the mood of the time.

He waited and listened. He created value. He started answering every imaginable question about his business on his website.

His honest, well-delivered content won him the only evergreen commodities there are: relationships and trust.

And these, as it turned out, let him sell swimming pools during a recession.

While the 2008 recession wiped out livelihoods and flourishing businesses, those that made it through were reborn: hardier, more rooted, fighting fit.

The tales they tell about 2008 eerily echoes in 2020, and yet there are hymns of hope. Because then, only the important stuff matters: our customers. And we start asking the right questions.

What do they need? What do they need to know? What will help them? What will create knowledge, joy, clarity, or relief?

“This crisis doesn’t make us, it reveals us,” goes the covid-19 anthem of discerning thought-leaders.

And what we find out about our businesses can be tough.

If it were another time, we ignore these weak spots. But it is now, 2020 – the year time travellers everywhere are being warned against.

There is no other option but to tackle our flaws head-on.

This will result in two things: our chances of survival will soar, and we will future-proof our businesses.

Pushed into a corner, we start self-correcting. We start thinking like buyers. We listen and fine-tune our products, or overhaul completely.

Instead of pushing our wares, we offer advice, insights, entertainment, and information.

We build relationships with content that is genuinely valuable, that speaks to the hearts of our audience in a way that creates trust, relatability, and harmony.

What do we do at Mojo and Flint?

We design and make pebbles.

We make your cool stuff happen.

We do content that creates trust, relationships, and longevity.


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