7 survival tips for your home office

by Jul 23, 2020

Just because it’s home doesn’t mean it’s safe – kidding kids, lurking back pains, blurring work-family lines… Here’s our top 7 tips to survive in your new work ecosystem and keep it from turning into your very own “Office of Horrors”.

Here’s our 7 tips to survive your new “office” during the lock down and beyond…

  • Create a comfortable workspace, away from your family and leisure activities.
  • Sit comfortably: Pad the back of your chair with a towel, and switch chairs.
  • Put your laptop on a box and use an extra screen and keyboard if you have them.
  • Move. Walk around when taking calls or make an ironing board standing desk.
  • Get fresh air and take mental breaks to stay productive throughout the workday.
  • Stick to your agreed upon working hours. It keeps you sane and avoids burn out.
  • Manage your stress: your immune system and your family members will thank you.


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