Know your work style and thrive remotely: 7 questions

by Jun 4, 2020

Early bird or night owl? Do you quickly nip out or do you need a siesta to recharge?

We all have different work styles, and we need to make it work for us. We’ll become more productive. We’ll plan our days better. And we’ll have a much more rewarding work-from-home experience, while it is required, or as a future choice.

These 7 questions will help you find out how you work best.

Do you work better…

  • when you plan your daily tasks ahead, or if you just jump in?
  • when your desk is cleared, or full of objects and paper?
  • in complete silence, or with “white noise” around you?
  • independently or collaboratively (as part of a group)?
  • when you communicate primarily via phone, or via email?
  • when you take many short breaks, or one long interval?
  • in the mornings, later in the day, or as a night owl?

Now you can design your work-from-home routine to suit your unique work style.


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