5 effects of widespread remote work

by Jun 25, 2020

The lockdown has opened many people’s eyes to the benefits of remote work: from cost savings to a more engaged, productive work force. It is no surprise then that many organizations around the world are planning to make “the new normal” more permanent.

If remote work becomes a widely adopted practice, few industries will be left untouched. We take a peek at 5 things that will change forever. How will your life and industry be affected?

Our cities’ infrastructure and economic dynamics will be reshaped. Smaller towns will grow and develop as they attract top remote workers.

Work-life balance will become the norm. Top talent will be able to demand flexibility, rather than take pay cuts for it.

Less commuting will slash demand for cars, fuel and public transport. However, people will have more time and better mental health.

The way we communicate and collaborate will evolve exponentially. Digital tools that best support our need for human connection, will thrive.

People will travel less for business. This means all business travel services will become more expensive.


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