Why you need work-from-home rituals

by Jun 18, 2020

The 2020 lock downs and subsequent work place closure has made almost the entire global workforce remote workers overnight. To start the “new normal” right, put work rituals in place to ease anxiety, ensure productivity and set you up for your best work.

We take advice from Gregory Bayne, an expert in work wellness and leadership, on why it is so important, and share his examples.

Rituals are uniquely human, invented to instil rhythm in our chaotic world, to help us face daunting odds, and to celebrate beauty for its own sake.

They still work today because they create calm, focus and powerful habits. Rituals are also the key to work-from-home bliss. This is because our environment is usually the ‘switch’ between our ‘work’ and ‘home’ mindset… So, how do we make this switch when we’re working from home?

Gregory Bayne, psychologist and expert in leadership and work wellness, says: “We need to create work rituals that become conditioned triggers.” Let’s look at 7 ways to do that:

#1 Start your day with 15 minutes of planning to set priorities

#2 Use your ‘work’ mug for coffee and tea rather than your home mugs

#3 Don’t take personal calls during the set work hours

#4 Dress differently from the weekend

#5 Shave or do your make-up in a way that differs from your time off

#6 Eat a ‘work’ breakfast and lunch

#7 Have a symbolic ritual ending your workday, e.g. close your laptop or door

Take 10 minutes and mentally design rituals for your unique work-from-home-life.

“Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored.”
-Terry Tempest Williams


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